Spin CIty Exeter works closely with the University of Exeter Pole Fitness Society (UEPF) to provide their members with more opportunity to learn and practice pole, and to also give them a chance to form part of a larger community.

UEPF is a fun, enthusiastic and supportive society that encourages University of Exeter students to get fit and be healthy by dancing and building up strength through pole fitness - a form of exercise that is rapidly gaining recognition for the positive benefits it provides both physically and mentally.

A specific pole class for UEPF members is held at Spin City Exeter every Wednesday at 6:45pm and we also run special UEPF only monthly 2 hour workshops. 

In addition to the UEPF member classes held at Spin City Exeter, UEPF hold society classes throughout the academic year in Studio 2, Streatham Sports Park - class times change from term to term but updates appear regularly on the UEPF Facebook group. If you are a University of Exeter student and would like to join the society, you can do so at any time via the Student's Guild website:

For more information about events for UEPF members CLICK HERE to visit the UEPF Facebook group.