“The only bad thing I can say about Spin City Exeter is that once you’ve been there, you’ll never want to pole anywhere else! From flexible pricing structure, to diversity of teaching styles, to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Spin City Exeter sets the bar (or pole) very high. Having moved away from the area and tried a couple of other schools, I can say with certainty that they don’t match up! When I started at Spin City Exeter three years ago I had no co-ordination, flexibility, upper body strength, confidence, grace, poise... within weeks I was doing things I’d never dreamed I could do, and it’s all thanks to the support and encouragement of the people I met. The sense of community at Spin City Exeter is incredible and every tiny achievement is recognised (often with applause!). Spin City Exeter is definitely my true pole home!”


"I had my first ever pole fitness lesson at Spin City Exeter on a whim - why not? As it turns out, pole fitness is the only sport I have ever enjoyed and since maintained! The instructors at SCE are very experienced, knowledgable and great teachers who nurture your progress and calm your fears. Their level structure allows you to get to grips with the basics and build on them to ensure you are a strong, confident poler! Since moving out of area, I have tried other studios and nothing quite compares! SCE will always be my home studio I will travel to get to."



"All of the instructors at Spin City Exeter are great, they go out of their way to ensure that everyone in the class is having a good time. The atmosphere in class is always friendly and welcoming. I have achieved more in pole than I ever thought I could with the help of all of the instuctors at Spin City Exeter. This year Krissy and Karenza have been brilliant to the Pole Fitness Society at Exeter University; giving society members a great discount! I can't recommend Spin City Exeter highly enough for anyone looking for a pole studio."



"I had done before pole on and off for 18 months & had been looking for a local place to learn for a while, when I heard about Spin City.Exeter. I had already met the instructor at a charity pole showcase we’d taken part in, and she was really welcoming in her classes. I like the structure and the levels, which give you something to work towards, and the emphasis on transitions, and conditioning work between learning new moves. The classes are full of friendly people – and it’s lovely that the advanced classes have a nuer of students who are over 30... proves there’s life in us old birds yet, and that you don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy pole! The instructors are great at explaining new moves, and at showing various ways in and out of the more complex moves… I am looking forward to progressing to more advanced classes and beyond!"



"I started Spin City back in May 2011 and have been addicted ever since! When I first arrived I really didn't know what to expect. Alex the tutor and the other students were so welcoming and friendly. I never felt self conscious, unwelcome or embarrassed. Every one was so supportive. I feel my life is so much better since starting Spin City. I've met some wonderful people and made some good friends and the fitness has benefited me no end! I feel more toned, and feel so much more confident. I've noticed my legs, stomach, arms and back become so much stronger. I feel sexy, strong, so confident and I just generally feel great! I now can't imagine not doing Pole Fitness it's such a big part of me."



"I started doing pole a few years ago when a friend started teaching lessons and I thought it sounded like a fab fun way to tone and keep fit. I was too uncoordinated to attend other classes like dance/aerobics so this seemed ideal! When my instructor sadly became unwell I started classes at Spin City Exeter They are a lot of fun and despite me feeling like a baby elephant climbing a pole at first ,the moves quickly became easier! My strength, flexibility and fitness has improved and the instructors and other students are really friendly and welcoming! I love it!!"



"I had already been learning pole dance for about six months when I moved away. It was important to me to find a new pole school that allowed me to progress whilst having fun and keeping fit - Spin City Exeter was perfect! The instructors always make sure you are safe... especially when learning moves where you could fall on your head! The lessons are fast paced which I enjoy because I am learning exciting new moves every time I go. Overall I think the best thing about Spin City Exeter is that you feel like a family.  Everyone is really welcoming, encouraging and we all cheer each other on when we ace a new move. I have been pole dancing for about a year now and absolutely love it! I always found exercise difficult to stick to and boring but pole dancing is so fun you barely notice you are working out - until the next day when you ache!"