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6:25-7:25pm Upper Level 4 & Level 5 Pole 6:45-7:45pm**
FREE Pole Taster Session / Level 3 Pole
UEPF Student Only Pole Class
Level 1 Pole
Level 3 Pole
7:35-8:35pm Spinning Pole (L2+) 7:45-8:45pm***
Pole Flow / Pole Practice
FREE Pole Taster Session / Level 3 Pole
Pole Practice / Stretch & Flexibility
Mixed Ability Pole
Advanced Classes /
Pole Practice /
8:45-9:45pm Heels Class (L2+) 8:45-9:45pm***
Pole Flow / Pole Practice
Level 2 Pole
Level 4 Pole

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** FREE Taster sessions run on the first Wednesday of each month

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At Spin City Exeter we teach hundreds of moves and combinations within our 5 level pole syllabus. Splitting classes into levels ensures that our students learn at a level that is comfortable for them and work with other students of a similar level.  It also ensures that each student gets plenty of the instructor's time, helping them to progress in every lesson.


FREE Pole Taster Session

Are you completely new to pole? If so a FREE taster session at Spin City Exeter is the perfect opportunity for you to find out what it is all about. This is a 60 minute session that will give you the chance to learn some spins and transitions designed for complete beginners.

For the FREE taster session please arrive 5 minutes early as you will need to complete a short discliaimer prior to the class. Bare arms and legs are essential to grip the pole, so we recommend that you wear shorts and a t-shirt or vest top, with bare feet. Please try not to moisturise, or use any oils or lotions on the day of your class as this can affect your skin's ability to grip to the pole. If you prefer you will be able to wear leggings on your first class, although this will mean you won't get as much grip.


Level 1 Pole - Beginner

Level 1 is designed for complete beginners so don't worry if you're not super strong, flexible or well co-ordinated as these are skills you will develop and build on during these classes. In this level you will learn some basic spins, transitions and floorwork, as well as climbs and seats on the pole.

CLICK HERE to view the Level 1 syllabus


Level 2 Pole - Improver

Level 2 is suitable for students who have learned some basic spins and transitions, and are comfortable with the first step of their basic climb. This level will cover a variety of new spins using some more advanced techniques, and will introduce different hand grips and spin combinations. You will also work on some different seated poses on the pole and some more advanced strength moves. In this level you will have your very first chance to go upside down, in preparation for Level 3.

CLICK HERE to view the Level 2 syllabus


Level 3 Pole - Intermediate 1

In Level 3 you will learn some more advanced spins and poses, and some different climbing styles. You will also build on your basic inverts learnt in Level 2 so that you are comfortable with a variety of leg grips.  You will then progress to work on some inverted combinations and a series of safe dismounts from various inverted positions.

This class will be a big jump from Level 2, so many students may want to remain in this level for an extended length of time so that they can recap each of the moves learned.

CLICK HERE to view the Level 3 syllabus


Level 4 Pole - Intermediate 2

Level 4 will focus on more advanced inverted positions including Shoulder Mount and strength and stability preparation for arms only moves. In this level it is more important than ever that learning is not just about being able to do the move, but to be able to do it well; this will be essential for many of the combinations you will learn in this level.

This class will be a big jump from level 3, so students will need to remain in this level for an extended length of time before they will be ready to move to Level 5. You may also wish to attend Level 3 classes simultaneously, to work on strengthening and improving the moves you have already learnt.

CLICK HERE to view the Level 4 syllabus


Level 5 Pole - Advanced 1

Level 5 will focus on much more advanced inverted positions including arms only grips, Handsprings, progressions from your Shoulder Mount and some more advanced and complex combinations. At this level you carry out high level drills to push your strength and flexibility to the next level. In this level you will be deadlifting all inverts.

This class is not just about being able to do the move or combination, but to be able to do it well, demonstrating excellent strength, control and technique.

CLICK HERE to view the Level 5 syllabus


Mixed Ability Pole

Mixed ability classes are perfect if you want to develop your pole skills at your own pace. Suitable for complete beginners right the way through to advanced. In this class you will be divided up to work with students of a similar ability, learning new moves, tricks and transitions. If you want to progress quickly then this is a great class to attend alongside your regular level class, and this class is also a great option for those who have done pole before but are unsure which level is best for them.

If you have done pole before elsewhere then this will be the opportunity to find out where you will fit in the Spin City Exeter syllabus.

This class is suitable for all levels.


Pole Practice (Mixed Ability)

Pole Practice is a perfect opportunity for you to work on the moves you have learnt in class that you want to perfect, or to work on a routine of your own and practice for upcoming showcases and competitions.

Your instructor will lead a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end. This class is supervised by a fully qualified and insured instructor but is not a taught lesson so please come prepared with what you would like to work on.

This class is suitable for all levels.


Spinning Pole (Level 2+)

Twirl and spin your way into our spinning pole class! Spinning pole is a great way to convert what you have already learnt on a static pole into some amazing combinations. These classes are great if you have hit a "pole wall" and are looking to try something different and fun to keep improving your strength. These classes are great if you have hit a "pole wall" and are looking to try something different and fun to keep your strength up! This is perfect for students who are relatively new to pole or those looking for the next pole challenge.

This class is suitable for students who have completed Level 1 or equivalent.

Heels Class

This class will encourage you to get in touch with your sensual side. The session will take place under dimmed lighting, to encourage freedom of movement and expression in a completely judgement free zone, so you can truly let go.

We will focus on basic step sequences and choreography that will be broken down into manageable chunks, set to music. This class will explore the foundation moves of pole dance in heels such as fluid movement around the pole, basic spins and transitions from pole to floor and back again.

Heels with ankle straps and kneepads are highly recommended. Please speak to your instructor if you need advice on where to purchase these.

Expect a fantastic cardiovascular workout, as this class involves almost continuous movement/dance.

This class is suitable for students who have completed Level 1 or equivalent. You should be happy with controlling momentum in spins and transitions in bare feet with a view to linking these into continuous movement in heels.


Heels Progression

This class is a direct step up from our Heels class and is for students who are ready to work on some more complex sequences and techniques. This will include more advanced climbs, spins, transitions, floorwork and routines, with an increased focus on performance, body positioning and lines.

There will also be the option to practice tricks in your heels at the end of each session.

This class is suitable for current students who have regularly attended our weekly Heels classes, or if you are from another pole school and have significant experience of dancing in heels.

Pole Flow (Mixed Ability)

Routines and Flow classes will teach you a routine using combinations of spins, inverts, poses and transitions. This class will give you the skills to move between your moves fluidly using floor work, flow, dance and the pole all together.

This class will help you to improve your co-ordination and confidence to enable you to choreograph routines of your very own.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Pole Conditioning

Have you ever wished you were that little bit stronger, or wanted a little more abdominal or upper body strength? Well if so this is the class for you. Focusing on arms and abdominals, this class will help you to build the strength you need to master that demon move you have been working on. Our expert instructors will coach and encourage you through a series of conditioning exercises on and off the pole to help you on your way to a new you.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Stretch & Flexibility

Improved flexibility is invaluable to ALL polers, at any level, to help you achieve those tricky moves both up the pole and on the floor.

Stretch and Flexibility classes start with a cardio pulse raiser warm up including stretches from the Spin City Stretch and Flexibility Manual.

In four week blocks, classes focus on a specific family of pole moves and involve stretches to help you improve/achieve those moves. For example if the focus is moves from the Dove/Crescent Moon/Brass Bridge/Russian Layback family you will stretch your hip flexors, abdominals, lats and pectorals, and shoulders. Don’t worry if you’re not yet working on the specific moves referenced each week, EVERYONE can benefit from this class for all over improved flexibility.

This class includes passive and active stretches, stretches assisted with equipment, and solo/partner assisted stretching. This class does not involve practicing flexy moves on the pole and you do not have to attend every class in each four week block - all classes are drop in.

This class is suitable for all students.


Ashtanga Vinyesa Yoga Flow

Originating in Mysore, India. The original power yoga. An athletic flow of postures from the Primary Series linked with the breath and combines strength, flexibility & stamina. Builds core strength, develops muscle tone, opens hip and shoulder joints, and increases mobility of the spine. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga calms & focuses the mind, develops self awareness and promotes inner peace.

This class is suitable for all students.


Flexibility Through Yoga

Unlock your flexibility with yoga postures. Sessions will target key areas to help perfect your pole moves! We will work on hip and shoulder openers, backbends, forward folds and twists.

Each week focusing on different muscle groups to improve your range of movement; combining static and dynamic stretches with modifications and challenges to suit your individual needs.

This class is suitable for all students.