The aims of Spin City Exeter classes are to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, self-confidence, grace and style. Pole dance classes include spins and inverts on the pole, floor work, transitions between moves and strength exercises.

All classes begin with a warm up and finish with a full cool down, incorporating stretches to improve flexibility.

Please notify the instructor before the class if you have any current injuries, illnesses or medical conditions, or if you think you will be unable to take part in some parts of the class – participation is completely voluntary. All information given to the instructor is private and confidential under data protection legislation. Please feel free to ask the instructor questions during the class, particularly if you do not fully understand something being demonstrated.

As with all forms of exercise, aerial fitness carries an element of risk and you may experience some bruising, and feel achy for a few days after the class. The classes are designed to minimise this risk, and with continued practice your body will become more conditioned and the side effects will reduce. If you experience excessive pain or discomfort during the class please notify your instructor immediately.


1.     Should you need to cancel a class booking for whatever reason prior to its commencement, please be aware of our cancellation policy:

·      36 hours notice or more – full refund of any payment made/reimbursement of class pack credit

·      Less than 36 hours notice – full payment required; no refund/reimbursement of class pack credit unless a medical certificate or extenuating circumstances are present. Extenuating circumstances may be accepted at the discretion of the studio owner.

2.     Spin City Exeter reserves the right to cancel your place on a class at any time. A full refund or alternative class will be offered for any classes cancelled by the studio owner.

3.     Spin City Exeter reserves the right to cancel your place on a class if full payment is not received in advance.

4.     It is your responsibility to inform Spin City Exeter of any changes to your health and existing medical conditions at any time.

5.     You will not hold Spin City Exeter liable for any injuries sustained through aerial fitness classes.

6.     To ensure the safety of all students, the following rules must be adhered to at all times:

·      The instructor must be informed of any injuries you have sustained that could affect your ability to participate in the class.

·      All directions given by the instructor must be followed.

·      Do not attempt any moves or tricks that you have not been taught by the instructor.

·      Do not attempt to teach other students in the class.

·      Safety mats are to be used at all times, unless the move you are working on prevents this.

·      Any concerns about the equipment must be reported to the instructor immediately, do not attempt to fix faulty equipment yourself.

·      It is advised that you do not apply moisturiser, oil or lotion 24 hours before your class; doing so will be at your own risk.

·      Jewellery must not be worn during class.